GPSTrackIt Route Optimization Test Generates a 1400% ROI

The Mapping is Indisputable’s Fleet Pro empowers field service and project managers and dispatchers to dramatically slash expenses with hands-on, real-time Route Optimisation. The automated tool simplifies and reduces time spent on fleet vehicle scheduling and mapping, and additionally helps drivers:

  • Decrease miles driven.
  • Shorten idling periods.
  • Serve more customers in less time.
  • Curtail vehicle wear and tear.
Better yet, Fleet Pro’s enhanced features can alert drivers to poor traffic conditions, and allow for re-routing on-the-fly. Real-time GPS tracking also gives fleet managers and dispatchers the ability to monitor vehicles on the road, to help ensure drivers stick to the optimised routes.

Whether an operation runs a fleet of five, fifty, or five hundred vehicles (or more), each average * installation can pay for itself for an entire year within the first 2000 miles of usage via Route Optimization alone. Years following can be paid for in less than 1000 miles.


The Proof is in the Fuel Tank

The maps below show a typical daily route through Southern California’s ‘Inland Empire’ and along the Pacific shoreline.

The region is a sprawling area of coastal, desert and mountainous land, populated by dense cities and towns, and remote rural residences and villages.

On any given day, local field service operatives – cable/satellite installers, plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, exterminators, solar installers, carpet cleaners, etc. – can travel vast distances from one appointment to the next.

In the following example, two route maps were generated using’s Fleet Manager software. For each route, the driver was assigned the same nine stops. The maps demonstrate the impact of Fleet Manager’s Mapping and Route Optimisation features on kilometers driven and daily costs. - Route Optimization through the Inland Empire.
On the left non-optimised route, the driver traveles 440 Kilometers. The dark blue portions of the route are where the driver doubled back for his next stops.

On the right optimised route, the driver traveled a much shorter distance of 274 Kilometers, accomplishing the exact same nine stop schedule in less time.

For the optimized route, a Solution would generate potential *savings for a single driver using a truck that gets 10 MPG, with gas prices at the current national average of $3.29/gal, as follows:

One Day Fuel Savings due to Shorter Distance: 104 miles / 10 MPG x $3.29 $34.22
Total Potential Savings for: 1 Driver in a Month $684.40
Total Potential Savings for: 1 Driver in a Year $8,212.80
Total Potential Savings for: 5 Drivers in a Year $41,064.00
Total Potential Savings for: 50 Drivers in a Year $410,640.00
Total Potential Savings for: 500 Drivers in a Year $4,106,400.00

Route Optimisation is just the Beginning.

Additional possible savings with solutions include:

  • Improved customer billing accuracy.
  • Increased daily returns via more customers due to more efficient scheduling.
  • Insurance discounts due to GPS tracking implementation (check with your insurance company).
  • Theft protection and recovery due to GeoFencing and GPS tracking.
*Fuel prices and daily trip distances will vary. device pricing and monthly service fees also vary (very slightly), depending on plan requirements.