Buy-Here Pay-Here APU

Designed for Buy-Here Pay-Here Auto Dealerships, GPSTrackIt’s Asset Protection Unit (APU) utilises superior GPS tracking and wireless technology to locate vehicles on demand.

GPSTrackIt’s web-based, high-detail electronic maps show the exact location of tracked vehicles, 24/7 and allows dealers and lenders to remotely disable/enable a vehicle’s starter system in real-time.

Ideal for financed and leased vehicle tracking, Buy-Here Pay-Here APU helps dealers and lenders reduce risk, and improve the value of customer relationships.

Optimise Protection. Save on Repo Costs.

Repossession costs have a negative impact on the bottom line for Buy-Here Pay-Here car dealerships.

Savvy lenders and car dealers utilize GPSTrackIt’s Buy-Here Pay-Here APU to significantly diminish inherent risks in vehicle financing.

The APU vehicle tracking system utilizes superior GPS and wireless technology to locate vehicles on demand – ANY TIME.

Using any Internet connection, lenders and dealers can view the location of the vehicle 24/7.

Far superior to LoJack, GPSTrackIt’s Buy-Here Pay-Here APU helps ensure that vehicles are protected and more easily recoverable if stolen.


APU vs. LoJack

LoJack does not utilize true GPS signals, and does not offer wireless connectivity. Because of these shortfalls in technology, a missing vehicle can only be located by police vehicles that are specially outfitted with the proper equipment. Plus, there are no additional features like the capability for an owner to track the vehicle directly.
  • Not every police vehicle is equipped with the LoJack equipment that will enable them to locate a vehicle.
  • The number of police vehicles that are equipped is only a fraction of the total police vehicles patrolling any given city.
  • LoJack’s signal only extends for a few miles radius. This means that if a police vehicle equipped with the LoJack receiver is not in the range of a missing vehicle, the car will not be located.