Asset Protection and Recovery

Whether you manage a fleet of service vehicles or maintain heavy equipment at unsecured job sites, having a reliable asset protection and recovery solution in place can give you peace of mind. Protect your company’s assets. A real-time GPS vehicle tracking location solution provides added benefits such as: Geofences Asset Protection

  • Starter-Disable
  • Geofencing

  • Landmarks
  • Off-Hour Alerts

  • Starter-Disable
  • Tow Alerts


Protecting Fleet Vehicles After Hours

Companies that maintain a fleet of vehicles must think about protecting those vehicles before, during, and after the work day. This is an added benefit of using a GPS TrackingGPS tracking solution for asset protection. Off-hour alerts can text or email designated users when vehicles are used outside of business hours.

Off Hour Alerts

Equipment Monitoring On-Site or Over-the-Road

When you have thousands of dollars sitting at a construction site, or have a trailer parked on a lot with high-valued content, it’s important to make sure it is protected from possible theft.

One of the benefits to asset protection and recovery using GPS technology is it helps in reducing the need for on-site security or physical inspection of vehicles, trailers, and inventory.


Added Benefits for Buy Here Pay Here Businesses

Buy Here Pay Here businesses gain the added benefit of asset monitoring and protection when using a GPS tracking solution for their vehicles. Implementing a GPS tracking solution for asset protection and monitoring on BHPH vehicles has long been a standard practice in the industry, providing:
  • Expedited Vehicle Reposession
  • Starter Disabling
  • After Hours Theft Protection
  • Vehicle Tracking
This is a win-win for any BHPH company looking to minimize their risk and reduce their loss through vehicle theft.