Reduce Billing Cycle

GPSTrackIt provides cost efficient GPS tracking solutions that are beneficial in helping companies to streamline their processes, saving time and money, ultimately, reducing their billing cycle.

reduce billing cycle GPS tracking

Reports Log Accurate Start/Stop Times Improving the Billing Process and Promoting Driver Accountability

Reports like the Start/Stop/Idle report help promote driver accountability. By providing an accurate log of when drivers have started or stopped the vehicle and whether the engine is idling or not, time sheets are more easily verified, improving the billing process.

Track Job Site Times with GPS Reports

Using a GPS vehicle and equipment tracking system makes accurately tracking job site times easy, with data from the following reports:

  • Ignition
  • Start/Stop/Idle
  • Vehicle Trails

Report Real Drive Time vs. Wasted Idling and Delayed Stops

Data from reports created by their GPS software helps businesses to report the real drive time of their employees. Time wasted idling and on delayed stops is accounted for during the billing process and ultimately save the company in operating expenses.

Reduce Errors and Time on Billing by Eliminating Manual Inputting

Optional features like the ProMiles Integration provide companies with added flexibility in automatically creating audit-proof IFTA tax reports saving time over manual inputting, helping prevent input errors that may result in tax reporting miscalculations.