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"We believe in today’s world of fast moving high technology, having this equipment will arm your company with the tools to respond to the demands of today’s large food retailers”.

Monitoring-Oz is Australia's leading solution provider for wireless monitoring & protection systems. This cover includes mobile transport freight and fixed-site industrial applications, using the satellite and/or GSM network tracking technology.

Monitoring-Oz has been delivering solutions to Australian Transport Business’s since 2001. Monitoring-Oz has developed relationships with some of the industry’s leading refrigerated transport logistic companies. Monitoring-Oz uses advanced technologies including on-asset hardware, wireless communications and web-based software. This technology enables our customers to substantially enhance their control and improves the efficiency and reliability of their inventory freight. This technology not only gives your company total control over the integrity of your stock, it will also improve your efficiencies and grow your companies ‘Economies of Scale”.

Monitoring-Oz is Australia’s original monitoring and tracking company in refrigerated transport. We are a dynamic and youthful company; we have a diverse client base and together with our customers support and forward thinking we endeavour to progress together with our partnerships now and in the future.

Our reputation has increased consistently over the last decade in the reliability of our hardware and our attention to detail. This total commitment enables our team to give your company the reassurance in our levels of service when monitoring and managing your fleet.

Monitoring-Oz is One Hundred Per Cent Australian owned and our efficient solutions provide the essential tools and peace of mind to our clients to assist in their day to day business needs.

This performance is driven by a Monitoring-Oz service commitment which believes that mere temperature probes attached to tracking devices won't do the job. Only full-authority two-way control capability will achieve the very best end result. We believe our clients have a more pro-active approach which enables them to respond and protect their inventory assets whilst in transit and in real-time. When problems do occur, by utilising ReeferTrak®'s full-authority two-way control systems will eliminate any unnecessary waste or costs and downtime to your business.

Monitoring-Oz is not just another ‘tracking’ company we are determined to continue to be one of the leaders in this industry. Whilst also ensuring that our clients have the latest affordable technology which enables them to remain competitive in today’s aggressive marketplace now and in the future.

Our Solutions help numerous organisations reduce their fleet’s operational costs for example fuel, wages and communications costs decreasing any downtime in the business. Whilst increasing efficiency, productivity and customer service, compliance, safety and security. Monitoring-Oz is an authorised provider of ReeferTrak® 'satellite' tracking systems for refrigerated transport by rail or road.

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