Monitoring-Oz launches new GPS tracking and temperature monitoring solution for Off Engine Drive refrigerated transport.
TempTrakka TT1000

Here at Monitoring-Oz we realise that not everyone in refrigerated transport is using the latest and greatest from Carrier Transicold or Thermo King. That is why we have developed a price point GSM solution to fill the gap between GPS tracking only and our full featured ReeferTrak® solution. You get full fleet management including driver behaviour and temperature monitoring with timed "out of temperature range" alerts. The temperature out of range alerts provided have logic built me to alleviate nuisance alarms.

The temperature probes used in this solution are digital and accurate to .5°c. Being digital they do not suffer from the inaccuracies associated with analog temperature probes and from one unit we can monitor 4 temperatures. This could be used in many configurations, you could have 4 separate compartments or 2 compartments with return and discharge or even one compartment with return, discharge and coil block monitored.

This solution is highly customisable with 4 digital inputs and 3 relay outputs. Together with the on-board logic engine it is very unlikely there would be a request we couldn't handle.

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Monitoring-Oz GPS with temperature monitoring

TempTrakka GPS Tracking and Temperature Monitoring