Fleet Management with Intelligent Temperature Monitoring and Alerts.

Perishable goods transported for long durations of time require constant monitoring and maintenance to ensure proper delivery.

Refrigerated Transport Temperature Monitoring

Networked with Fleet Manager© software, the refrigeration trailer temperature monitoring allows fleet managers to see temperature, location, status and history reports of reefer units on demand. This real-time information enables managers to identify the location and status of each refrigerated unit, and to ensure proper temperature control.

Eliminate Loss of Perishable Goods and High-Value Contents

Monitoring Oz’s Off Engine Drive Temperature Monitoring solution assists in the protection of refrigerated transport units and high-value temperature sensitive contents with real-time alerts, temperature zone monitoring, and unlimited web-based data access.

temp alert
Multiple Zone Monitoring

Monitoring Oz’s specially crafted temperature sensor kit is used to retrieve readings on demand from temperature sensitive areas and can monitor up to 3 zones or for a single temperature solution monitor both return and discharge, giving you first line technical information. Standard 2 sensor solution comes pre boxed and with an easy to install wire harness. Every unit can easily be set to custom temperature limits – high and low – for each reefer. 

The L2000T delivers accurate reporting information in 15 minute intervals, real-time GeoFencing, and is remotely accessible.

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Product Features

  • Real time alerts are immediately sent should the trailer cross a temperature threshold.
  • Trailers can be remotely accessed via GPSTrackIt web-based tracking solution.
  • Trailers, tractors and drivers can be matched for more organized reporting and accountability.
  • Temperature wire harness and customised box requries only connecting to power and igntion, making installation simple and easy.

  • Real-Time Temp Monitoring
  • Temp Change Alerts
  • Multi-Zone Monitoring
  • Single Wire Sensor
  • Battery or Hard-Wire Options
  • Detailed Reports (Event by Event)
  • Landmark Reports
  • Lat/Lon Reports
  • Historical Movement Reports
  • IFTA State Miles Reports
  • Receive Instant Temp Change Alerts
  • GeoFence Alerts
  • Landmark Entries & Exits
  • Stopped Reporting Alerts
  • Main Power Disconnect from Vehicle Alerts
  • Easily Track and View Location of all Assets
  • Prevent Theft and Misuse
  • Recover Vehicles Quickly
  • Extra Protection with Starter Disable
  • Insurance Discounts