Monitoring Oz doesn't just sell the esteemed ReeferTrak Cold Chain Monitoring solution; we can also handle the monitoring for you. Sometimes having the right solution is only half the battle, having the right people to interpret the information is paramount. Monitoring Oz's manned monitoring service is an affordable way to get industry leaders ensuring your cargo has the best possible protection.

24/7 monitoring for a 24/7 industry. There is not much point in having the best monitoring solution around if there is no one to read the alerts. Monitoring Oz offers a 24/7 service, in effect possibly replacing 3 full time staff members.

Our staff with many combined years of experience have the confidence to intervene on your behalf with remote technical solutions. Saving you money on tech call out fees where available. If it is an issue we can't rectify remotely our staff will contact the appropriate person of your choosing. This can be based on time, location, origin or destination.

Since offering this service Monitoring Oz has help save countless loads that otherwise may have been lost.

Please contact our friendly sales staff if you would like to know more.