Monitoring-Oz PTY LTD is pleased to announce the release of ORBCOMM’s award-winning, solar-powered GT1100 asset tracking solution targeted for the global transportation & logistics industry.

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In the shipping and transportation industry, the vast majority of intermodal containers do not have a power source. They are primarily designed to transport products in ships, trains, and road freight across long distances. In the past, companies used the tracking device in the vehicle that is transporting the containers in order to track them. Now, ORBCOMM, a global Machine-to-Machine solutions provider, has launched the GT1100, to improve the efficiency of fleet operations and maximise asset utilisation.

ORBCOMM’s GT1100 is a ruggedised, easy-to-install device designed to fit seamlessly in between the indented spacing on intermodal containers. Its low, one-inch height profile and small form factor are also ideal for tracking and monitoring trailers and other types of cargo assets. ORBCOMM’s GT1100 is sensor-compatible and self-powered with solar recharging technology for low power consumption.

The GT1100 also includes CargoWatch®, a robust web application for comprehensive device management. The application delivers near-real-time alerts on trailer status, location, history, as well as arrival and departure events and provides complete visibility for fleet and operations managers.

“ORBCOMM’s GT1100 solution is designed to make asset tracking hassle-free, eliminating frustrating battery changes, reducing maintenance and providing customers with a reliable solution that costs much less over time,” said Craig Montgomery, ORBCOMM’s Senior Vice President of Marketing.

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