Why choose Monitoring-Oz

Failure Rate

 Monitoring-Oz has the lowest failure rate in the refrigerated transport tracking industry.  There are many factors that attribute to this; 

·      Positive nitrogen charge for our terminals ensuring against water entering the terminal
·      Modems that require no external antennas
·      Ruggedised single wiring loom
·      Advanced training of installation staff

What is the true cost of a tracking unit failure?

·      Lost utilisation of tracked asset
   o   Load may have to be transshipped
   o   Asset can not be used while tracking is replaced or repaired
·      Loss of brand reputation
·      Penalties if cargo is lost

Total Cost of Ownership

Total cost of ownership is an often underestimated benefit of a tracking solution.  Monitoring-Oz’s tracking solutions have among the lowest TOCs in the marketplace, the reasons are simple;

·      Ruggedised design of all hardware
·      Simple installation requirements with trained installers throughout Australia
·      Auto-commissioning of new units
·      Extremely low failure rate

24/7 Support

Monitoring-Os has 24/7 support with highly trained staff.  Our staff are here to help you, your staff and even any contractor doing work on your equipment.  We have more than a 40-year collective experience in refrigerated transport and tracking technologies. 

Manned Monitoring Options

Monitoring-Oz the market leader in manned monitoring options.  This is normally on a permanent basis be can also be utilised to cover for extended periods when your staffing cannot cover the workout.  Some the of the benefits of our 24/7 manned monitoring are;

·      Technical Support Team
·      Monitoring by people who really understand refrigeration and can maximise the benefits of a remote two-way control system
·      Cost effective 24/7 monitoring
·      Reports on non reporting units and known faults
·      Monitoring of rapid fuel loss
·      Customised reporting of issues
·      Technical insights to maintenance service staff

 Testimonial from Carlo Cutinelli Pacific National

We came to Monitoring Oz looking for an integrated visibility solution,” says Carlo Cutinelli General Manager - Customer & Strategic Accounts of Pacific National. “The solution that Monitoring Oz delivered not only provided visibility, but it also enabled full two-way control of the reefer that allowed technical intervention to save the load.

“The ReeferTrak® system has the ability to send SMS/email alerts on critical reefer alarms, allied to this the 24hr manned technical response team is invaluable to us. The system is fully web enable and allows immediate fleet visibility of every type of reefer operation, including reefer temperature monitoring, modes of operation, fuel management, logistics, dwell time, engine hours and usage.”

According to Carlo, Pacific National’s decision to choose Monitoring Oz has been well vindicated. “As the original satellite telematics service provider in Australia they were the natural choice and the relationship has stood the test of time,” Carlo says.

“There were many factors that we took into account when choosing a refrigerated transport monitoring solution. However, the most important factor to us was the availability of information at all times, and that’s why Monitoring Oz was the logical choice since they can provide 100 per cent coverage right across Australia.”

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