Data Management Services

Monitoring-Oz's new state-of-the-art Reefer Access Management Platform network provides customers complete wireless GPS tracking, monitoring and full command and control of their fleets of refrigerated trailers, trucks and railcars.


The company's customers have unique two-way command and control access to the microcontrollers of both major reefer Original Equipment Manufacturers through StarTrak's web portal or a sophisticated Applications Gateway data feed interface. We can provide simultaneous fleet management utilising all communications platform alternatives (satellite, cellular or radio frequency), as well as interfacing with customer third party telematics products.

At Monitoring-Oz we pride ourselves on our reputation. We evolve in line with the needs of our customers. Anytime customers need us we can be 100% relied upon. We offer a 24/7 fleet management service. When this is implemented we monitor/track full fleets to keep our customers fully aware of day-to-day events.


Other benefits of this service include:

    • Increasing efficiency/productivity

    • Customer service

    • Compliance

    • Safety and security

    • Peace of mind.

Telstra coverage currently 95% of the populated country which stands as 5% of the actual country.

Telstra Coverage | Vodafone Coverage | Optus Coverage

Our products cover the other 95% of the country through our dual platform capabilities

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