Low cost of ownership

Self-powered and
solar recharging

Long service life
in the field

More messages

Less maintenance,
less expense

Quick and easy

Includes robust
web application

gt1100 top

Global Trailer Tracking

Award-Winning, Solar-Powered Trailer Tracking

Our GT 1100 solution is designed to make trailer tracking hasslefree.Its small form factor and low, one-inch high profile make it easy to install on trailers and in the groove of intermodal containers. The ruggedized GT 1100 is self-powered with solar recharging technology for low power consumption, efficient messaging and long service life in the field. That means no more frequent and frustrating battery changes or extra trips to trailer tops, providing you with a reliable solution that costs much less over time.

The GT 1100’s communications platform allows you to build your messaging schedule around your business without any message restrictions like with satellite-only options. You can transmit twice one day or seven times the next without any extra costs, giving you the flexibility needed for greater trailer visibility and utilization

  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Our trailer tracking solution is like nothing else on the market:
  • More pings a day for less cost, giving you total flexibility.
  • More years of reporting with solar-powered technology.
  • More savings, less maintenance and less hassle over time.
  • Complete Fleet Visibility

The GT 1100 includes 
CargoWatch®, a robust web application for 
comprehensive device management. This state-of-the-art application delivers  near-real-time alerts on trailer status, location, history, as well as arrival and departure, providing complete visibility for fleet and operations managers.

ORBCOMM offers the M2M industry’s most comprehensive service offering of

global satellite and cellular connectivity, leading-edge devices and robust web
applications. Our global M2M devices are complete, turn-key solutions ready
for deployment in the field and tailored for the transportation & logistics, heavy
equipment, and government industries.


GT110 Specifications




Electrical Usage

• Input Voltage: 9 VDC to 32 VDC

• Input Current

- Transmit Mode: 1.6 A

- GPS On: 35 mA

- Receive Mode: 70 mA

- Sleep Mode, Standby: 10 μA

- Sleep Mode, Deep: 3 μA

• Load Dump Protected

International Regulatory Compliance

• FCC: CFR 47, Part 25 and 15

• CE: EN 301 721, EN301 489-20, EN300 832

• Industry Canada




• MIL-STD-810E, Tracked Vehicle and Aircraft

• EN 300 721 (IEC Pub. 68-2-36)

• SAE J1455, Cab Mounted & Transverse Axis Radiated


• Applicable Sections of EN 300 832

• Applicable Sections of EN 300 721


• Temperature: SAE J1455

- Operating: -40C to +85C

- Storage: -50C to +125C

• IP67 Rated

Key Features (Vary by model)

• Interfaces: 16b A/D (4), CAN (1), GPIO (4),

Serial (2), USB (1)

• Accelerometer: 3 Axis

• GPS: Rapid TTF via ORBCOMM-Provided


• SAE J1455 Off-Road Compliant


Global Transportation Management Systems

Industry-Leading Tracking and Monitoring Solutions for Transportation Assets

CargoWatch® is a high-performance telematics application optimizing logistics management solutions for transportation service providers who utilize freight transportation assets. CargoWatch® provides complete visibility to dry assets
and maximizes utilization, reduces operational costs and improves delivery predictability. By providing a complete solution for many types of assets simultaneously, CargoWatch® delivers visible fleet status, exception reporting and a host of specialized applications. This functionality allows transportation companies to optimize their fleets and immediately achieve a significant return on investment (ROI).

The robust CargoWatch® application serves the needs of diverse freight asset operations by assisting with improved asset utilization, accelerated deliveries and exception reporting. The system provides immediate visibility of fleet
assets when combined with an ORBCOMM asset tracking and monitoring device. In addition, CargoWatch® allows for the specialized handling of loading, unloading, pick-up, and other key events in real time. Customers can easily determine suitable sensor needs and remotely configure the devices for realtime reporting via a broad set of profiles. Whether the assets are on the highway, on the rail or at the distribution center, critical information is delivered accurately and efficiently.

Two-way monitoring
& control

XML feeds to integrate
with dispatch operations

Monitor on-time arrival with
in-route location updates

Trip-based logic for cargo tracking and reporting

Virtual mileage to optimise
maintenance and billing

Trailer lockdown to prevent theft and misuse
Information Technology Supporting Every Transportation Market

With reliable, two-way interfaces to every type of dry asset, the CargoWatch® system delivers the most effective wireless tracking and monitoring solutions available in the transportation industry. By leveraging
the power of these state-of-the-art solutions, customers can achieve maximum asset visibility, event and transaction status, utilization reports, and logistics management applications.

• Dry Van                  • Dry Containers

• Fixed Asset Tracking • Trucking (TL)

• Fracking Operations  • Other Unpowered Assets

Trailer loading, unloading, fixed or mobile asset monitoring, logistics, cargo sensing, door and gate transactions, dwell time, engine hours, mileage, and
asset usage are all measurable transactions via CargoWatch®.
CargoWatch® is a Global Telematics
Application for More Than 25,000 Systems in Service Worldwide
Increase Trailer Efficiency

• Optimize Trailer Utilization

• Reduce Trailer Dwell Time with Daily/Weekly

• Improve Turn-Time by Location

• Create Valuable Reports for Operations
and Planning
Realize Labor and Fuel Savings

• Reduce Out-of-Route Miles and Fuel Cost

• Eliminate Labor for Yard Checks

• Reduce Driver Time and Fuel Looking
for Trailers

• Reduce Dead Heading
Increase Security

• Reduce Theft with Trailer Lockdown

• Clear Measurement of Chain of Custody

asset list

SC 100 Cargo Sensor

Advanced Sensor Technology
ORBCOMM’s durable SC 100 Cargo Sensor can be integrated with our award-winning GT 1100 asset tracking solution to detect the presence or absence of cargo (Empty / Not Empty) inside standard trailers, providing greater asset visibility and security. Using ultrasonic technology, the SC 100 monitors the trailer and can immediately send an alert if there is a change in load status or if the sensor is damaged or removed. With the SC 100, fleet owners will no longer worry about arriving at
a customer site to pick up an empty trailer only to find that it is still loaded. The SC 100 can be configured over-the-air and integrated with additional sensors for maximum efficiency and flexibility. This sensor can also be easily installed in a safe, discrete location inside the trailer to minimize cargo damage. The SC 100 provides accurate, reliable updates and historical data on the trailer’s arrival, loaded condition and status based on a customizable reporting schedule through ORBCOMM’s robust web application. By integrating the high-performance SC 100 into ORBCOMM’s GT 1100 system, fleet owners can eliminate unnecessary yard checks, increase trailer turn time, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately maximize profitability.

Dimensions: 7.6” x 3.8” x 2.9” (193 mm x 96.5 mm x 97 mm) with Bracket
Weight: 425 g
Mounting: Bracket on Plywood or Metal
Operating Temperature: -30C to 70C  @ 95% RH
Storage Temperature: -40C to 85C 
Vibration: AAR M-1002
Shock: AAR CE-UG-04-3001
Humidity: 95%
Power: 9V Sourced from ORBCOMM’s GT 1100
Range: Up to Maximum of 20 Feet (53 Feet Option Available*)



Maximize trailer utilization and efficiency

Increase trailer turn time 

Eliminate unnecessary yard checks

Monitor and control
detention billing

Prevent theft and
ensure cargo safety

Quick, easy installation 

SD100 Door Sensor

Advanced Sensor Technology
ORBCOMM's reliable SD 100 Door Sensor can be integrated with our award-winning GT 1100 asset tracking solution to detect if a trailer or container door is open or closed beyond set parameters or while in route, providing enhanced security and operational efficiency. The magnetic, hermetically sealed SD 100 sensor monitors the trailer door's status and can immediately send an alert if there is a rapid number of open and close events, if there is an unauthorized opening outside a pre-determined geofence or if the sensor is
damaged or removed. The SD 100 gives fleet owners peace of mind that their assets are safe and secure while in transit and provides confirmation when they arrive and are unloaded at their final destination. The SD 100 can be configured over-the-air and integrated with additional sensors for maximum utilization and flexibility. When combined with a cargo sensor, the
SD 100 can allow a fleet owner to manage effective detention billing with customers who choose to keep a trailer for additional storage use. The SD 100 provides accurate, real-time updates and historical data on the trailer or container door's open and close events based on a customizable reporting schedule through ORBCOMM's robust web application. By integrating the highperformance SD 100 into ORBCOMM's GT 1100 system, fleet owners can ensure the safety and security of their fleet and the assets they carry throughout the value chain.
Dimensions: 3"x 1.25" x .5" (For Magnet and Sensor)
Mounting: Self-tapping Screws Provided with Installation Kit
Operating Temperature: -30C to 70C
Rating: Listed to UL634 Standard
Other Key Features:
• Extra Wide Gap- N35 NdFeB Rare Earth Magnet
• 36" 22AWG Wire Leads
• 24" Armored Cable Lead Protection
• Extruded Anodized (Type II) Aluminum 
Maximize trailer
utilization and efficiency
Monitor and control
detention billing

Prevent theft and
ensure cargo safety

Enhance customer

Universal mount for
barn and rolling doors

Quick, easy installation