The Driving Force in Cold Chain Management

Monitoring-Oz's refrigerated transport solutions are available for individual fleets or mixed-fleets operating by road, rail or shipping container.

    • Increase your cargo security.

    • Reduce your risk & freight claims.

    • Control & track your assets, in transit, in real-time.

As a fleet owner, you need to know that your telematics provider will be there to meet your growing needs today and in the future. Whether you are a 'For-Hire' trucking business or a private fleet. Whether you are in food distribution, a dairy or grocery fleet, or any other business requiring refrigerated transport, Monitoring-Oz has industry leading solutions, hardware and information technology to help you manage your fleet operations more effectively and efficiently. This can result in significant savings and return on investment (ROI) for your fleet management operation.

Monitoring-Oz is the only company offering satellite and GSM products with GPS tracking, monitoring, and full two-way control for transport refrigeration units.

Our company is formally licensed by the major refrigeration suppliers to provide two-way communications solutions that are fully-integrated with their reefer refrigeration unit microprocessors.

Power in the Palm of Your Hand

Our solutions provide customers the ability to proactively monitor and manage their reefer assets and give them the power to remotely control the reefer unit when necessary. You can, from your desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone, operate almost any feature of any reefer unit in your fleet as if you were standing next to it.

Our ReeferTrak solutions include:

    • Control & track cargo for railcars, trucks, trailers, containers, and gensets.

    • GSM + Satellite dual platform capability.

    • GPS tracking with geofence location positioning.

    • Temperature reset capability with full two-way control.

    • Better fuel management.

    • Ability to capture Dwell & Detention Time.

    • Geofencing.

    • Real-time monitoring of reefer status, including: operating state/mode, temperatures, battery condition, fuel level, doors, hook/unhook, etc.

    • Two-way control functionality to turn the reefer on/off.

    • Change reefer temperature set-point.

    • Change operating mode.

    • Pre-trip.

    • Alarms, notifications and clearing.

Monitoring-Oz has been providing innovative wireless solutions for remote control and monitoring applications for over a decade. We have a proven history of utilising technology to radically improve the operational model of our customers.

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