Vehicle Maintenance

Maintaining a fleet entails more than simply knowing where your drivers are during the day. It is also about more than managing fuel consumption, protecting and monitoring assets, and improving customer service.

Vehicle MaintenanceFleet management includes making sure the vehicles and equipment within the fleet are kept in tip-top shape. This means scheduling vehicles and equipment for their regular maintenance. This is accomplished easily using any number of GPS fleet tracking devices from

Proactive Fleet Management Solutions

The fleet management solutions offered by GPSTrackit provide a way to automatically schedule alerts notifying drivers/managers/supervisors when fleet vehicles or equipment needs to be serviced. This ensures fleet managers are proactive in keeping track of each vehicle’s maintenance schedule, whether their fleet is one or 1,000.

With a few clicks, fleet managers can view the maintenance status of their fleet using the following reports:

  • Vehicle Service
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Vehicle Maintenance Items
Being proactive in scheduling alerts for maintenance and service appointments such as oil changes, tire service, and mileage maintenance, means saving money on preventive measures against engine wear and tear. Fleet managers understand that the key to extending the life of the company fleet, and maximizing operating expenses is preventing problems before they arise. Scheduling Vehicle Maintenance alerts and reports using a GPS fleet tracking system will help companies to do just that.