Increase Driver Accountability

Using a GPS tracking solution from GPSTrackit helps businesses increase driver accountability. This is managed quite easily by monitoring driver behaviors and providing verification of driver timekeeping.

driver accountability fleet tracking

GPS Tracking Provides Alerts to Notify Supervisors/Managers When Fleet Drivers Exhibit ‘Hard Driving’ Events

Poor driving behaviors mean added expenses in fleet operating costs. 80% of the fuel wasted annually is due to poor driving behavior including, but not limited to:

  • Hard-Acceleration
  • Hard-Breaking
  • Speeding
  • Idling
  • Hard-Turns
GPSTrackIt’s Fleet Manager software provides alerts to notify dispatchers and fleet managers in real time when a driver is not in compliance with safe driving policies. A suite of reports with access to all historic event data can be used to educate drivers and make them more accountable for their actions.

Some of the reports in the suite include:

  • Engine Idle
  • Vehicle Speed
  • Stops/Starts/Idle
  • Moving Report

Accurately Verify Timesheets and Streamline the Billing Process

Fleet managers can accurately verify time sheet information for drivers using data from the Timesheet, Start/Stop/Idle, and Moving reports. When it comes time to do billing, having reports to verify driver timekeeping saves time. Should a customer contest a bill, the system provides detailed information showing the driver’s actual arrival/departure times.